According to parents:

There are not enough ways to thank you for what you’ve given us these formative years. You gave our girl a safe and lovely place to grow and be herself. You’ve helped us be better parents and your relationship with [our daughter] will always be with her in a sweet little chamber of her heart.

You make magic with those children.

Thank you for giving me the peace of mind that my child is not just safe, but is happy and secure while I am working. I know that she will be comforted, encouraged and loved while under your care. An otherwise difficult decision has been made with ease by knowing that when I send [our girl] away, I am sending her into loving arms.

You make me a better parent, and I’ll always love you for that.

What a joyful, warm, and loving experience we’ve had with MBP/HH. Our [girl] has surely grown and blossomed into a lovely little person in your care…We’ll always think fondly of our time together, and you’ll have a special place in our hearts forever.

We love you, Marguerite. And that’s all there is to it, really.

Thank you, Marguerite, for being such a safe and thoughtful second home to our babies these past five years. [We are] forever grateful to you for the art and science of what you do.

As a surprise gift to Marguerite, a mom conducted “exit interviews” asking her two very verbal Magnolia Blossom Preschool graduates, (brothers, ages 5 and 7, respectively), about their preschool memories. Here are a couple of quotes:

I’d describe Marguerite as kind, respectful, willing, and brave.

I would describe Marguerite as sweet and thoughtful. I mean, there’s not much to worry about there. I mean, you can get hurt, but there’s always a way to fix it. And you learn really good manners there…I just really love Magnolia Blossom with all my heart. It’s an amazing place…I just miss the whole thing.

A testimonial for our assistant director, Chelsea, shared by a mom after the first day of school:

I asked my son about Auntie Chelsea. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, “she likes to see the children play and when they are at the table she smiles a lot. The children make her happy.”