According to parents:

“We absolutely loved being a part of the special MBP community. Auntie Chelsea welcomed us from the start. Our son is not quick to warm up to new situations, but flourished in the rhythm and happy environment Auntie Chelsea created. She is a gifted educator with the biggest heart and our son was eager to be there and play in no time. He remembers the traditions — sandbox day, star-child day — and as a parent, I appreciated joining in traditions like the Lantern Walk. Everything about MBP had a natural flow that made it a special time for our family and I recommend it to anyone.”

How we loved Magnolia Blossom and you, Auntie Chelsea! Truly, my kiddo couldn’t have been in more capable or gentle hands.”

“Magnolia Blossom exceeded what I could dream up for my son for a preschool experience. Auntie Chelsea is so patient, kind and caring and always seems to know how to make the children feel right at home. He even got to go back for summer camp at 7 years old and loved it and wishes he could still go to school there.”

“We loved Magnolia Blossom. The focus on outdoor play and helping the residents of the community around the school was perfect for our daughter. Chelsea is warm, caring and responsive.”