Our Parent-Child Class gives parents and their children, up to age three, an opportunity to immerse themselves in all that is beautiful about Magnolia Blossom Preschool and the LifeWays model.

The program curriculum is based upon and inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner—the founder of Waldorf education—and other developmental theorists and experts that resonate with the model such as Jean Piaget, Magda Gerber, the Gesell Institute and Kim John Payne/Simplicity Parenting.

What to expect:

  • The children play with simple, natural materials and toys that protect and encourage their imaginative capacities and enrich their sensory experience.
  • Within the activities of play provided in the program, children integrate the world and practice the life skills of movement and balance, sensory integration, speech and language capacity, social and emotional interactions, and imaginative and cognitive development.
  • Parents and children together are nurtured through the daily and seasonal rhythms woven into the class content prepared and guided by the parent-child teacher.
  • Simple games, songs and stories provide exposure to rich language and opportunities to move with purpose.
  • The program provides parents with a circle of support in a non-judgmental, welcoming community in a time when parenting often does not come easily or naturally.
  • Parents become resources for one another and develop a sense of community and “neighborhood”. MBP is a neighborhood school after all.

Our next series begins Monday, April 1. The cost is $125. Call to reserve a spot or register here. We will offer another session in spring. Come find your place in our sweet little community!